Publisher's Terms

This Publisher Service Agreement («Agreement») is made by and agreed to between ADVACY, or ADVACY S.L., (together «ADVACY»), company registered in Spain, including its direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates and you («You» or «Publisher»). As a service provider, ADVACY facilitates «Performance Marketing Programs» by providing services («Publisher Network Service» or «Service») via the Internet. A Performance Marketing Program («Program») is where a person, entity, affiliate or its agent, operating or managing «Web Site(s)» (internet domain, or a portion of a domain) and/or other promotional methods to drive traffic to another's Web site, Web site content, Media file or other third-party media outlet, (together, the «Advertiser»). Publisher may earn financial compensation («Payouts») for valid, non-fraudulent «Transactions» through an Internet connection using the Service and the Service components («Link») to an Advertiser from an approved Transaction on a video, banner, image, rich-media file or other approved media file offered by the Service (together, the «Service»). An Advertiser-authorized Transaction is defined as (a) actions by Visitors as defined by the Advertiser or the Service and/or (b) referrals by such Publisher via an action made by a «Visitor» (any person or entity that is not the Publisher or the Publisher's agent or prohibited by the Service) from ADVACY's media. The campaign Advertiser shall compensate the Publisher via ADVACY, in accordance with this Agreement and the Program Payout specifications.

1. Participation in Programs

1.1. Acceptance by Advertiser. During this Agreement, campaigns for Your use may be provided via the Service automatically via the ADVACY tag («Tag») to be embedded at your Web Site which shall deliver the ADVACY's media. The campaigns delivered by the Tag are controlled and delivered by the Service. You may also be required to apply for specific Advertiser Programs for the opportunity to earn Payouts by promoting such Advertisers in accordance with the Advertiser's Program terms and complying with this Agreement. Upon approval by such Advertiser for acceptance into its Program (whether automatic or manual), You may display (and remove) Links to Advertiser's Media in accordance with the Advertiser's Program terms and this Agreement. An Advertiser's acceptance of You extends only to the entity, or individual, that enters into this Agreement with ADVACY. You may not embed any Advertiser or Service link, Media or other campaign information in any Web Site not specifically approved by ADVACY. Failure to comply with this (or any other term of this Agreement) may result in immediate termination from the Program and Your forfeiture of any Payouts earned and unpaid as of the date of Your termination.

1.2. Program Terms. The details of a specific Advertiser's Program shall be available through the Service. Transactions qualifying for a Payout are defined by the Advertiser. Advertisers may change any Payout rate upon no less than 7 days written notice through the Service with effect from the 8th day (or such later date as specified by Advertiser).

1.3. Additional Terms. Publishers and Advertisers may enter into direct contractual relationships through offer made to You by Advertiser via the members' area on the Service ("Offer"). It is Your obligation to review and accept or decline a Click-through Agreement or Offer when such is presented to You. If accepted by You, compliance with the Click-through Agreement or Offer is solely Your responsibility. The terms and conditions of the Click-through Agreement or Offer may supersede or conflict with this Agreement and shall apply only with respect to Your relationship with that particular Advertiser.

1.4. Prohibited Uses of Links: